The Hockey Academy operates youth hockey tournaments in different locations throughout New England.


For adults, is full equipment required? How about for youth?

Other than a helmet, full equipment is not required for adults. For youth, full equipment is required.


What is the skill level like in an open division?

We leave these divisions open, meaning any skill team can join. We try to keep the skill levels even, but it might not always happen. We don't have enough ice to run A, B and C divisions at each level, so we try to accomidate everyone.


Why aren't goalies allowed?

This is a rink rule to prevent lifting pucks.  Pucks cannot be lifted intentionally though "saucer" passes are allowed within the rink. The rink does have netting around it but it does still have some holes where pucks can sneak through. Also, consider the close proximity of the rink to the parking lot. You wouldn't want to leave the tournament only to find a puck has shattered your windshield, would you?


For adults, what is the deal with divisions?

We do consider this an open tournament, but we will be taking 8 teams and developing an east division and a west division of four teams each. As such, we will do our best to gauge the level of play by consulting with the team captains so that your team gets the best competition possible.


What's the deadline to register?

While there is no official deadline, the adult tournament sold out in three weeks last year. Yes, three weeks! So we recommend you register ASAP by calling us or registering online. Snail mail registrations take a bit longer, which makes it tough to secure your spot. Please let us know ASAP once you put a check in the mail, if that is your plan.


Is the full amount required to register? Is it refundable if we can't make it?

Yes, the full amount is required to register and it is non-refundable if you pull out of the tournament for any reason.


Why are there Thursday games for adults?

These are preliminary games that must be played during the week due to ice time constraints. There is always a chance your team will have Thursday games. If your team registers anyway and is scheduled for a Thursday game, but you can't make it, it will be a forfeit. We can do our best to accomodate different requests, but we can not promise anything!


For the youth tournaments - all the games are played in one day?

That is correct! The rink opens for public skate at 11 a.m. so we start early to finish up around that time so the rink can open.


Do we need to provide our own jerseys?

Yes. It is best if each player on your team brings a dark and a light jersey, so that you can coordinate with the opposition.


Do they make ice between games? How does that work?

Ice will be cut every two games (every hour) with the rink zamboni. The ice at Patriot Place is not your typical pond hockey ice, but it is not perfect rink ice, either. We do our best to make sure each team gets their fair share of fresh ice.


What is the officiating like? Are there official tournament rules?

The referee is there to drop the puck and make sure everyone behaves themselves! We are here to have fun after all. But really, the official will also keep play clean & moving.


Who can I contact if my question wasn't answered here?

Contact The Hockey Academy at or at 603-880-8787


CLICK HERE for Adult Tournament rules.

CLICK HERE for Youth Tournament rules.